Fishing Job, Werewolf Trans

Fishing is a job in Werewolf Transylvania. Fishing is one of the 3 main jobs in the game. Fishing gives good experience and gold.

Fishing for goldEdit

Gold is one of the income you get from fishing. It has higher gold income than farming, and experience while you click the fishing rod, even you don't catch a fish. Fishing is the best way to get gold, but without baits, it is not good enough. Using the first bait, which costs 200 sure boost up the chance of catching a fish, but still you get shells and low priced fish and even you did not catch a fish, the bait number will be lowered. While with the Designer Fish Bait, which costs 300, it is the best bait, because all catches are big game fish. In the day, you always get lobster or king crab, higher chance for lobster. At night, you get the Giant Isopod, which sells for 150 and Giant Sea Squid or something, which sells for 200.

So, it is recommended to get the Designer Fish Bait. Even it does not increase the chances of getting a fish, it only gives you big game fish like king crab and giant isopod.

Fishing for ExpEdit

If you are fishing for experience, it is good, because fishing is more safe than hunting, but more dangerous than farming, because you are outside and you can be detected at night by Acute Sense, which can be countered by hiding in your tent/farm/plantation. Fishing for experience is less good than Hunting, but safer than Hunting. Doing this without baits is good, but lowered chance of catching fish, thus lowering the amount of experience gained from fishing. Doing this with the First Bait, which costs for 200, is the best method, because when you get a fish, it gives you higher experience and making leveling faster.

Dangers of fishingEdit

Dangers of fishing include early game death, because werewolfs usually check the fishing spots in game, and having no base, having no base is hard, because survival is less secured. You must do Fishing + Farming if you want to ensure your safety and protection. Doing fishing + farming is a good combo because while getting lumber , gold and exp. from farming, you also get extra gold and exp. from fishing. You are also able to make units to protect your base.

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