The villager is your main character in werewolf trans. You must let your villager level up and get resources. Your main goal is to make an army and defeat the Werewolf.

The Werewolf also takes the form of a villager at day, to disguise himself. There are suspicious acts to determine whether the villager is a real villager or not.


Your villager has many skills! Your villager can build buildings, repair buildings, have a skillset, and can have a wife and sons! (Only with Plantation)


  1. Scarecrow: The scarecrow ability is unlocked by planting 130 crops. There is a technique to fast this one, later you will know it. When used, it summons a scarecrow. Watch as it overlooks your base, fastens your crop's growth and, MORE PROFIT!!
  2. Spearshot: The spearshot ability is unlocked by throwing 200 spears in hunting. This skill has no technique to be fastly acquired. When used at an enemy, it deals high damage to the enemy. I was one-hit with this skill when I was still a newbie, they thought I was the werewolf.  You MUST be carrying spears in order to use this ability.
  3. Nothin' But The Fish:  Unlocked after spending 5 minutes standing in water.  Enables villager to submerge and hide in the water for a short period of time.
  4. Fish Net:  Unlocked after catching 12 crabs (can only be caught in daytime).  Enables villager to throw a net to ensnare a unit.
  5. Acid Bomb: Unlocked after brewing 24 potions.  Stuns and causes damage plus poison damage over time
  6. Summon Dog.  Once you have a Farm, you get a dog.  You can summon it to your side at any time using summon dog.  However any dogs who were carrying anything or had any veteran experience immediately lose their items and xp.  This can also be used to get a new dog if your dog dies.
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